Tips on How to Design the Perfect Dining Room

When people are decorating their homes, they tend to just jump over the dining room because it is not used a lot and they don’t want to spend too much money. There is no point spending money on a room that is only used once a year.
However, this is a bad attitude because if you spent the money on your dining room, you would make time to use it, even if it is only once a week. Have you ever thought that maybe you don’t use it because you don’t like it? If you have, then you should make an effort to change the way it looks and decorate it in a style that you like, even if it means spending a lot of money. You will definitely use it then.

The Table

Start out by picking our your dining table. Have a look in some stores and on some websites and see if they have tables that you like. If they don’t have a look for some websites that will custom make furniture to suit you.

Once you have found a table, or you are planning on having one made, you need to take some measurements of the room to make sure the table fits. You don’t want the table to feel too overbearing and like you have no space left to do anything else.

So, make sure the table fits and account for the use of the chairs. People need to be able to get in and out without getting trapped against the wall. You need to make the room comfortable for people to use otherwise you are not going to want to use it at all.

If you have found a table that ticks all the boxes, you should ask if they have matching chairs. If they do, then buy them as well, but if they don’t then you might have to have them custom made. Or, you could just go looking for chairs that are the same color wood and the padding goes with the table.

If you have chosen a table with a glass insert, you can always try and pick the padding that matches the color of the glass. This might cost you a bit more money, but it will be worth it in the end because you will have a table that you love and you will use it more often.


Once the table is chosen, you should be using that as the feature item, so everything else has to match that. Therefore, you should be buying wallpaper that compliments the table. You should be careful not to make the room look too dark because then it will be uninviting and gloomy.

So, if you have a dark wood table, use a lighter color for the wallpaper. Try not to make it patterned because it will look too enclosed and you might not want to eat in there. You need plain wallpaper, which you can compliment with pictures of the family.

If you find wallpaper that you have just fallen in love with, you can just use it on one wall so it is more like a feature wall. Then you won’t feel too closed in. It should be something that compliments the plain wallpaper though, so try and match the colors that you have in the plain paper. Everything should look like it matches and nothing should look out of place.

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